Winter Wedding Florals

Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married...

Posted by: Bridgitte Brown Brooks

When we first heard about Kelsey and Joe's wedding we may have let out a squeal: we love a winter wedding! This one was no exception, with a rustic and neutral palette, Kelsey gave us a lot of free reign. We asked her about one flower she absolutely wanted to have in her bouquet and she came back with dusty miller. We made sure to load her bouquet with dusty miller, varying types of eucalyptus, avalanche roses, and Viviane spray roses in a loose organic design. 

For the corsages, we decided to try something different and attached flowers to beautiful blush silk ribbon from Honey Silks & Co. to be tied around Kelsey and Joe's Mother's wrists. It also gave Victoria Selman (their amazing photographer) a beautiful piece to add into the styled photos of some of the wedding details! 

We were so excited to have worked with this sweet couple and hope to follow along on their journeys in their new life together in the windy city!


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Boutonniere Schmoutonniere
Pocket square made of flowers

Floral Pocket Squares

Next big thing? 

Posted by: Bridgitte Brown Brooks

When Julia Rochelle told us she was planning a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" shoot and needed a boutonniere that was different and "out-of-the-box," I was nervous. I decided to contact our creative mastermind, Edy, over text immediately rather than have my brain start smoking from overthinking this. We threw some ideas back and forth about flowers/greenery/herbs that might read as more "masculine" and after nailing those down, we came across the idea of a floral pocket square. I LOVED it and I am now obsessed with the idea of a floral pocket square -- I think it takes something that can seem tired (boutonniere) and breathes new life into it! 

Any florist knows that bouts are hard to keep on and after a few hugs on a big day, they're usually smooshed. I'm not promising that a pocket square will prevent that but it gives you a larger platform to attach flowers. Cut foam board (we recommend black) the width and depth of the pocket plus however much extra you want to have to build your design making it as small or large as you want. Start gluing with floral glue and voila! 

We loved the concept of this shoot and we were honored to be involved! Cross your fingers all our brides/grooms start asking for floral pocket squares for their man-candy! Keep your eyes peeled for more photos from this shoot in the near future! 

Photographers: Julia Rochelle, Erin Tetterton

Hair/MUA: TMak Artistry, Tiffany Mak

Tuxedo: Lapel

Accessories: Mint Lola

Flowers: City Celebrations




Blogging Is Scary for Dummies
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Blogging is Scary for Dummies

Posted by: Bridgitte Brown Brooks

Seriously, does that book exist? If not, it needs to! Thus far, we have avoided blogging and the commitment because let's be can be a little bit scary putting your thoughts, your emotions, your vulnerabilities out there for the "world" to read. (or your Mom -- hi, Mom!) The more I think about it, though, I'm getting excited (This is Bridgitte and I can only speak for myself!). I'm looking forward to connecting with others and sharing some of the knowledge I've gained in this business. Education is such an important component of our business -- we are like learning sponges! If we can help someone else by sharing what we have learned through trial and error then it makes all of that worthwhile! 

In the meantime, I will be thinking about some meaty topics for my next few blog posts! Let me know of any topics you would love for me to cover in upcoming posts! (I'm sure Edy will pop in here from time to time so get ready for that, too!) I'm leaving you with this image from a styled shoot we staged. It is incredibly hot here but some leaves have started falling on my driveway/yard and I feel the crispness of fall starting to happen. I can't wait for apple cider, fires in the fireplace, snuggly blankets, and sweaters! 

Photo Credit: Nicole Ross Barr Photography