If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with our team here at City Celebrations, we’ve gathered our clients’ feedback and stories below to share with you! We are privileged to work with lovely people from all over the world, and are so grateful that they are willing to share their most cherished moments with us.


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City Celebrations planned our wedding, and I just couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, beautiful day. The floral arrangements, decor, music, and ambiance – everything was done to perfection. I was worried I couldn’t afford something grand, but Bridgitte and Edy have such a talent for taking your budget turning it into a spectacular event you couldn’t imagine. Thank you so much, I couldn’t even imagine what my day would’ve been without you guys.
— Brittany Tromp, Bride

My job as a professional athlete in the equestrian world keeps me busy and often on the road 11 out of 12 months of the year. I understand the importance of hiring the best, not people that need their hand held and are not resourceful.

City Celebrations have planned major private and professional events for me, (including my wedding in Dublin!) and every single time they have pulled off a unique and beautiful experience, exceeding my expectations in every way. All I have done is expressed an idea (often one line by text!), and they take that idea, make it a thousand times better, and don’t need me for a moment of it. Their creative team is second to none, and they are able to produce every time. We all know that’s not easy with the inevitable roadblocks that can arise along the way in these situations!

To me, City Celebrations is a one stop shop. For any event, large or small, professional or personal, if you want your vision to come to life (except better!), the choice is simple.
— Sara Kozumplik Murphy, Bride + Private Event Client